In 80% of cases, will cure itself without surgery 

Nerve compressed by slipped disc in the spine


Symptoms depend on location

Neck area

Radiating pain in arm until fingers
Loss of strength, numbness
Sometimes inability to walk

Lower back area

Radiating pain in leg until toes
Loss of strength, numbness

Ribcage area

Rarely hernias occur
Radiating pain to legs
Numbness torso and /or legs
Loss of strength in legs
Pain is worse when coughing and/or sneezing


MRI scan

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– Unknown: 60%


80 % of patients with a hernia, do not need surgery! 

The disease is cured after 6-12 weeks 


During this time:

Keep active

Physical therapy/rehabilitation

Pain medication 

Infiltration of nerve  


The remaining 20% will problably need Surgery.


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AIM of Surgery

Remove hernia and (part of)disc to free nerve

Sometimes an artificial disc is placed

Risks of surgery are low


Leakage of spinal fluid



Bleeding after surgery

Worsening of symptoms

Recurrence of a hernia

Back- or neck pain

Talk to your specialist for more information



Safe your nerves and know when to contact your doctor immediately:

Acute loss of strength/inability to walk


Numbness in buttock, genital area and /or impotence


No control over urine or faeces


Nerve damage or spinal cord injury can not be cured with surgery
Decompression of these structures are needed fast if there are more symptoms then only pain
Otherwise the prognosis is generally good