50 million people suffer from epilepsy

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Sudden, temporary disturbance of electric balance in the brain.

It causes a shortcircuit in the brain resulting in a seizure

In some countries people and families are being discriminated due to epilepsy.

  • Unknown: 60%
  • Genetics
  • Brain damage or brain disease

Some examples: 

Braintumors, infection of the brain (encephalitis) or meninges (meningitis), stroke, after an accident , after lack of oxygen to the brain.

One seizure doesn’t equal epilepsy!

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Various types of epilepsy give various types of seizures:

During seizure

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Falling
  • Shaking of arms and legs
  • Strange rising sensation in stomach area
  • Repetitive movements such as rubbing, mumbling
  •  Strange smell
  • Hearing noises
  • Awake, but no contact with environment

After a seizure

  • Less reactive
  • Tired 
  • Headache
  • Muscle pain
  • Temporary weakness of body


  • Patient history (preferably a video of the seizure)
  • EEG (measurement of brainwaves)
  • MRI/CT


Medication: 70% of the patients are well treated with medication.

30% have medical intractable epilepsy (not well treated with medication).
They may benefit from:
  •  Ketogenic diet
  •  Neuromodulation (implanting device to regulate seizures)
  •  Brain surgery

In rare cases epilepsy can cause severe brain damage leading to death.

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Preventing a seizure

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 Life a healthy lifestyle

  • Sufficient sleep

  • Avoid flickering lights

  • Moderate alcohol intake

  • Avoid hyperventilation

Newly diagnosed people with epilepsia are not aloud to drive until they are seizure free for at least 1 year. Be aware while swimming or taking a bath.

A seizure during these activities can lead to drowning!



  • Keep calm!
  •  Lay the person on/her side.
  •  Never try to open the person’s mouth during seizure!
  • Support the person’s head.
  • Remove sharp objects from surroundings.

If the seizure doesn’t stop after 2 minutes, give diazepam via rectum and call the ambulance immediately!


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