Occurs spontaneously or after surgery






 Decreased immune system

 Intravenous drug use

 Spine surgery

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Symptoms vary.  


Extreme backpain when active, less when in rest.


Sometimes fever

In extreme cases

Radiating pain in arms and or legs Loss of strength, numbness Inability to walk numbness in buttock, genital area and /or impotence no control over urine or faeces



 Blood cultures






 Bed rest

 Back corset

 Rarely spine surgery is needed

When it occurs spontaneously and in more than one location, additional examination needs to be performed to find primary cause. 
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o Acute loss of strength / inability to walk/inability to use arms

o Numbness in saddle, genital area and /or impotence

o No control over urine or faeces

o High fever




 Life a healthy lifestyle

o Exercise and healthy diet
o Control your diabetes
o Stop using drugs, drink alcohol moderately
o Decrease weight
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