Spinal canal Stenosis

Nerve or spinal cord compression due to a narrow spine. 



Symptoms depend on location

Neck area:

Numbness in arms, torso and /or legs Unsteady gait Inability to walk or use arms Problems with urine and faeces.

Lower back area

- Not able to walk long distances or dance long periods. - Radiating pain in legs after walking. - Pain diminishes when sitting or bending forward.

Ribcage area

Numbness in torso and /or legs Unsteady gait Inability to walk Problems with urine and faeces

No pain when resting


 Physical therapy/posture   Training/rehabilitation

 Infiltration of nerve


operation room umente





Opening spinal canal to free nerves/spinal cord. 

This is done by bone removal.  

Sometimes fixation of spine is needed.

operation room umente

Risks of surgery are very low. 

Leakage of spinal fluid


Bleeding after surgery

Worsening of symptoms

Back- or neck pain



Talk to your specialist for more information.

act fast umente

Acute loss of strength/inability to walk

Numbness in buttock, genital area and /or impotence

No control over urine or faeces



Prevention of stenosis is not possible

You are either born with it and it is part of aging of the spine
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